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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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67 Wine & Spirits and Maison de Champagne Pierre Paillard have collaborated on a premier and exclusive bottling: Pierre Paillard Cuvée 67 Brut NV. With this limited edition cuvée, we are celebrating our commitment and love for Champagne. The emblematic blend of Pinot Noir 60% and Chardonnay 40% was personally selected by brothers Quentin and Antoine Paillard and myself and embodies the best Champagne has to offer. Pierre Paillard Cuvée 67 has been masterly blended and bottled in the cellars of Pierre Paillard with the vision to offer our customers a wine of superb quality and elegance.

But let's talk about Pierre Paillard and what makes their champagnes so unique and special. Maison Pierre Paillard are true Artisans du Champagne, a renowned grower house with eleven hectares of vines, all located in Grand Cru Bouzy. Paillard is unique in the area because of their high percentage of Chardonnay in a region known for Pinot Noir (40% Chardonnay/60% Pinot Noir). The winery has been in the family for eight generations, and they have been bottling under the Pierre Paillard name for four generations, so it's with great pleasure we offer our loyal customers a wine of superb quality and value.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the act of drinking champagne always evoke moments of joy. The truth is that the vast variety of styles could seem like a very daunting task to decipher, but that’s where the beauty of champagne lies. It's in finding the right style that's suits your palate, and understanding that not all champagnes are created equal, that I find the true essence of Champagne. Terroir, varietals, tradition and history all play a very important role in determining what makes a fine bottle of champagne. For all these reasons, I find it to be a great privilege to be able to work on this project, and offer all champagne lovers a wine of unique character, history and tradition.

Pierre Paillard Cuvée 67 Brut NV will able at 67 Wine and 67Wine.com starting Thursday, October 8th 2015. Price $39.99

 -Óscar Garcia, Champagne Buyer


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