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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fizz Fest continues with Austrian sparkling wines. Bart, our Austrian wine buyer has chosen 2 great sparklers from a region that should be known for its excellent and undervalued sparkling wines. Thhe Weingut Langmann Schilcher Sekt and the Meinklang Prosa Frizzante are festive wines that you might not normally try. So they are perfect selections for Fizz Fest's Wednesday tasting (4-7pm on July 8th) where we will pour bubbly from Austria, Germany, and Alsace.

Weingut Langmann Schilcher Sekt 2011

Schilcher Sekt is a dry, crisp, sparkling Rosé produced in the Weststeiermark region of southern Austria. Made exclusively from the Blauer Wildbacher grape, a close relative to Blaufränkisch, it offers effervescent flavors of fresh strawberries and ruby grapefruit with a balancing backbone of acidity. Stefan Langmann specializes in Schilcher Sekt. His 2011 is juicy and refreshing with bright berry fruit and elegant bubbles. It’s the perfect aperitif on a warm summer evening.

Meinklang Prosa Frizzante 2013

Meinklang is a Demeter certified Biodynamic family run estate located in the Burgenland of Austria. Many grape growers throughout the world follow some Biodynamic practices, which is a good thing for both the earth and its inhabitants. Meinklang, however, is fully Biodynamic, complete with animal husbandry and rich biodiversity, coming as close as possible to being a self-contained living farm organism and ecosystem.

The 2013 Meinklang Prosa is a Frizzante Pinot Noir. Frizzante means semi-sparkling and Pinot Noir gives it a charming bouquet of fresh berries. Think of it as a Prosecco with pretty color and alluring flavor. This is a crowd pleasing, off dry, low alcohol, fun to drink cocktail or before dinner wine that is delicious to sip and highly addictive!!

Bart, our Austrian wine buyer

Special Tasting Event, Wednesday June 8th
4pm to 7pm

Teutonic Sparklers: Austria, Germany & Alsace


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