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Friday, June 12, 2015

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Domaine Sigalas 100% Assyrtiko

Domaine Sigalas was founded by Paris Sigalas, Christos Markozane and Yiannis Toundas in 1991. In the beginning, Sigalas made his wine at the converted family home, where honed his craft with the comforts of private production. During this time, Paris Sigalas became a pioneer of organic viticulture, and has practiced organic farming methods since 1994. Sigalas’ public debut followed the 1998 vintage when a new winery was built in a privately owned area of Oia on the northern part of Santorini, an island positioned off the Greek mainland, centered between the Peloponnese peninsula, Crete, and Turkey. If the vines must struggle to yeild great wine, one can hardly imagine a more challenging terrain or climate than Santorini.

Santorini Vineyards

Wine Advocate has set Domaine Sigalas on a high pedestal by claiming “Domaine Sigalas is Greece’s finest white wine producer’s,” but I have to agree that Sigalas is the pinnacle of quality, reasonably-priced Greek wine. This white wine made of 100% Assyrtiko [pronounced A seer' tee ko] is a fresh, unoaked and crisp white wine. Those new to Greek wine will discover that white wines from Santorini typically offer lively acidity and intense minerality due to the sun-battered vines that grow in an arid climate and the unique soil of the island. The porous volcanic soil of Sigalas’ Santorini vineyards contributes to the Assyrtiko's smokiness and forceful acidity. The Santorini Assyrtiko shows distinct citrus fruit aromas, salinity and sharpness. 

But what makes this 100% varietal wine truly unique is the concentration and complexity from Domain Sigalas’s 60-year-old vines. In fact, Santorini is one of the rare wine-making regions in the world never affected by the parasitic vine louse, phylloxera, because of the high content of sand found in volcanic soil that tops the island. As a result, the vines retain their original root stocks instead of being grafted onto the stocks of more resistant vine species. These soil conditions not only add to the vines’ freedom from phylloxera, but also lead to the bright, food-friendly style of Santorini’s wines. Enjoy Domain Sigalas 100% Assyrtiko with poultry dishes, and of course seafood.

Debra, Greek Wine Buyer


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