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Monday, June 8, 2015

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Produced by the Jackson siblings Kimberly and Trent, with veteran winemaker Kirk Venge, celebrate their 3 generations of family farming with the Y3 Chardonnay. The modern and sparse Y3 label is inspired by contemporary wine presses used in many wineries. This creative image expresses the wine itself that are designed to be crisp and clean, not overloaded with buttery and oaky notes.

The Y3 Chardonnay is just that: beautiful, lush pear and honeyed fruit with a mouthwatering finish. The 2013 vintage was as close to perfect for Jax Vineyard as farming can ever get. Y3 is made from two vineyard sites: Oak Knoll and Carneros. The Carneros site gets cool breezes from the San Pablo Bay resulting in the acidity that is the backbone of this contemporary California Chardonnay style. The Oak Knoll vineyards bask in full sunlight so that the fruit develops tropical, fruit notes to build on top of the Carneros cool-climate acidity. In both sites, the Chardonnay grapes ripened over a long, warm and dry summer and hit their peak 2 weeks earlier than in recent vintages. This is a recipe for wine growing success. Kirk Venge and the Jacksons ushered the Chardonnay through fermentation and the final result is a fantastic wine.

William, California Chardonnay Buyer

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