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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Vino Lauria Zio Paolo Nero d’Avola 2012

Zio Paolo (translated your Sicilian Uncle Paul) is a rich and savory Nero d’Avola that comes to us from a certified organic vineyard located in the northwestern Sicilian town of Alcamo (30 miles west of Palermo). Vino Lauria is the rebirth of the Lauria family's vineyard and winery that had closed in 1993 due to financial struggles. Vino Lauria vineyard manager and winemaker Vitto Lauria reopened his family's estate in 2005 while continuing to work for other wineries and vineyards. He is deeply committed to letting the wine develop naturally in the cellar adding no yeast or inorganic compounds.

The Zio Paolo went through fermentation and 6 aging entirely in in concrete vessels, maintaining the true character of the 100% Nero d'Avola fruit. Elegantly layered with spice and earthy complexity, this is not a typical Nero d’Avola fruit bomb. It starts off with a lovely bouquet of earthy red fruits and flower blossoms. In the mouth, the fruit is framed with succulent acidity and supple tannins, giving the wine freshness and elegant liveliness carrying through the finish. This is a wine that will really work with adventurous food combinations, as well as with picnics and outdoor cooking.

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