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Friday, May 29, 2015

Charmes du Loire Label

Jean Pierre Robinot is a natural winemaker, but he didn't start there. Prior to making his first vintage in 2002, he was known for being the owner of a trendsetting natural-wine bar L’Ange in Paris. He then co-founded Le Rouge et Le Blanc, an independent quarterly wine magazine.  before whisking of to the Loir Valley. In the Loir, he began buying up small parcels of land and planting Chenin Blanc. He is now known for his culted un-filtered and long-elevated Chenin Blanc, arguably producing some of the most interesting wines of the moment. Robinot also makes wines from Gamay and the rare Pineau d’Aunis, a local red grape variety grown in the Jasnieres and Coteaux du Loir appellations.

Jean Pierre Robinot "Charmes du Loire" 2007: Very unique and pleasing aromas. Mineral, caraway, spicy white pepper, honey, bruised apple, yellow apple. Lengthy and intriguing. Some botrytis involved. Moderately oxidative, from fermentation in old oak. Attractively funky, unfiltered, and tres, tres delicious.
—Sadie, Loire Wine Buyer


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