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Saturday, March 7, 2015

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On March 6th, 67 Wine & Spirits was honored to host a tasting led by Italian wine author, Kerin O'Keefe. Ms. O'Keefe brought her expertise to our customers by sharing her first-hand knowledge of some of the most desired European wines: Barolo and Barbaresco. Fans of crowded in to try old favorites or wines that would otherwise be out of their regular wine budget. Thank you to Kerin and all of the customers that came out to revel in these great wines.

In her book, Barolo and Barbaresco The King and Queen of Italian Wine, Kerin O’Keefe treats the royal couple with all the pomp and respect they deserve. She goes into great detail outlining the geography of the regions and sub-regions, and the book is meticulously researched. She looks at the history and politics that have shaped the region and how it affected the evolution of the wines. She bestows a noble reverence for that which brings forth the greatness of the region, the Nebbiolo grape, and the people who elevate the grape to its noble status in the bottle. As grape growers began to evolve into winemakers, she looks at the personalities that made an impression on the overall style of both Barolo and Barbaresco, and its inevitable evolution into the 21st century. The King and Queen of Italian Wine is an authoritative, look at one of the world’s greatest wine regions and the personalities that shape these majestic wines.


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