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Thursday, February 12, 2015

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It may go without saying, but Valentine's day is a wonderful excuse to splurge on a wine. Of course the definition of splurge can vary. But there are so many different wines to try that you really don't have to break the bank to celebrate romance and friendship. Here is what our buyers will be enjoying this weekend.

Beth Baye, Buyer for Italian & Rhone Whites: Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo Perbacco

Langhe Nebbiolo is a nice entrée into the more pricey Piedmont world of Barolo and Barbaresco. This would be a wonderful wine for Valentine's Day, as it offers up classic Nebbiolo floral aromatics...and who doesn't love smelling flowers on Valentine's Day? Also, the Vietti has approachable wild strawberry fruit with just enough structure to stand up to a meal of filet mignon without weighing you down -- or my plan for Valentine's dinner this weekend, a ragu bolognese. The price (Barolos from the same producer can cost more than four times as much) allows for indulging in other Valentine's Day treats like chocolates and flowers. Vietti wines are a delight to all of the senses. Even the artist-designed labels look like a valentine.

Sadie, Buyer for Portuguese, Kosher, and Dessert Wines: Quinta Noval 2003 Vintage Port

The 2003 Quinta Noval comes in an adorable half bottle that is the perfect size for me to enjoy with all of my boyfriends on Valentine's Day. I love Quinta Noval ports because they are very elegant yet at the same time, offer a savory dimension, evoking animals and the wild. The 2003 has just reached its drinking window. A great vintage and foolproof after-dinner drink.

John, Buyer for Half Bottles and New York Wine: Southold Cellar + Farm "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" Cabernet Franc

With an eye towards the Loire and Beaujolais, Southold set out to make something much more light on its feet. 100% Cabernet Franc sourced entirely from the Farm Vineyard (LI's only certified organic vineyard) which sits on gravelly loam soils. Deep, rich and wonderful flavors bear to a long finish. This wine breathes softly and exudes sensuality.

Daniel, Salesperson: Peter Michael L'Esprit De Pavot

We prefer to cook at home rather than compete for reservations. As a result we definitely go all out on the wine and justifying the expense by how much we saved by making a ridiculous recipe ourselves. Peter Michael is one we have splurged on in the past, and the L'Esprit des Pavots is at the top of that list. This "baby" version of Les Pavots is a huge California Bordeaux blend and needs a minimum of 6 years to be ready. But it is well worth the wait and patience is rewarded!

Debra, Salesperson: Gatinois Brut Rose GC

A vibrant rose 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay expressing compelling aromas and flavors of brighty cherries, ginger and biscuit . An elegant rose champagne with generous froth, refined mousse, texture and lingering finish. An exquisite Grand Cru rose to enjoy on its own or as an accompaniment with food.

Rand, Buyer for Germany, Australia, and Rosé: Klaus Herres St. Laurentius Riesling Sekt

A few Rieslings for what I'll be drinking on Valentine's Day:
“Strong Riesling makes strong action”  - Shakespeare
“Everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of Riesling”  - Boudelaire
“The true triumph of Riesling is that it enables us to get along with those
who do not possess it”  - Voltaire
“A noble heart will always capitulate to Riesling”  - Schiller
“The heart has it's Rieslings of which Riesling knows nothing” - Pascal
And, although in the words of Thomas Carlyle “A person usually has two Rieslings for doing something: a good Riesling and a real Riesling,” I will be popping the cork on a bottle of Klaus Herres St. Laurentius Riesling Sekt: Eminently bubbly, delicious, and very romantic. Now that should be Riesling enough!


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