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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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La Caldera 67 Limited Edition Cuvée 2009
To commemorate more than 70 years in the Wine & Spirits industry, 67 Wine has partnered with legendary & pioneer Graffiti artist Cope2 to create a limited edition wine label. Wine, the arts and the culture of the city have played a significant role in the life of the store and the lives of its customers. This label pays tribute to our history in New York City past, present and future and to the creators who have inspired us through these mediums. www.67wine.com www.cope2art.com 

La Caldera Limited Edition cuvée is a blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell. The wine was specially selected by our Wine Buyer Oscar Garcia & Antonio Santofimia of Aviva Vino to express a bold and seamless style that carries great flavors while combining elegance and intensity.

67 Wine, Aviva Vino & Cope2 Presents: La Caldera 67 Grand Tasting

67 Wine & Spirits is thrilled to announce the release of La Caldera 67, a limited edition Wine label, created by legendary graffiti artist Cope2.
On Thursday, January 16th, 67 Wine will host a Grand Tasting to celebrate the official release of this groundbreaking project. You will be able to purchase La Caldera at 67 Wine @179 Columbus Ave or @ 67wine.com starting at 4pm. So join us to celebrate art, wine & culture!! 



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