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Monday, November 11, 2013

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This may sound like a half-baked pun gone bad... but it is actually a call to battle! Well, ok - things are not quite so dire. In essence, it's an invitation to you, our intrepid 67 Wine shopper (or blog reader?) to cast off your pre-existing notions and come explore the great beyond with us. No, we're not going to Mars - aside from the logistical problems involved, wine would freeze on Mars. We're heading for the Land Down Under! And what better way to go there - particularly when Qantas is beyond the scope of your budget - than by heading on a culinary/oenological expedition led by some of New York's foremost Aussie wine experts? The preceding question, I hope you have realized, is completely rhetorical

To make this just a bit more clear: we're hosting a wine dinner on November 13 at 7pm, in collaboration with our neighbors/friends at Burke & Wills. The selection of both food and wine is going to be varied, tasteful and downright delicious. Not to mention the historical implications of the evening.... Wait, historical? True, this is not an entirely new endeavor. Indeed, many have taken up the cause in recent years, handing out leaflets, pouring generous amounts of wine and re-telling the story of places like the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale... 

But this time, things are different. How exactly? For one thing, we have managed to skirt the famous (or infamous, depending on whether you're Robert Parker or Alice Feiring) province of South Australia. That means no wine from Barossa. None from Adelaide Hills or McLaren Vale, either. The lone Shiraz in our lineup (that's right, folks - out of six Aussie wines slated to be poured, only one is a Shiraz) comes from the none-too-prominent Canberra district... (and is a remarkable study in structure and elegance, but more on that on Wednesday evening). 

More notable, however, is the unique opportunity to taste the wines of Australia in their most natural setting: at the dinner table, paired up with - of course - cutting edge Australian cuisine. This is where, I think, we are venturing into hitherto uncharted territory. Oyster Kilpatrick and Best's Riesling? Octopus with Vasse-Felix's amazing "Heytesbury Estate" Chardonnay? I would think, given the stellar lineup, we might even cause some minor riots... but it will certainly have been worth it!

Think you want to join us??? The cover is $90 per person, and that includes everything. The seating is limited, but there are still some spots open. This promises to be a fantastic evening, and we would love to have you join us. Click on the flyer for more info, or contact the author of this post (for information requests, or to express your outrage) at dmitriy@67wine.com


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