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Friday, November 29, 2013

I’d like to share with you our recent experiences and sincere love of the wines by lauded Napa Valley winemaker, Robert Sinskey.  I had been wishing to visit his winery since discovering his label many years ago.  In fact, we here at 67 Wines carry several his magnificent labels.  More about that later…

The Robert Sinskey Vineyards are truly a remarkable place.  For vintner Rob Sinskey, elegance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive goals.  It is clear that RSV talks the talk and walks the walk, hand-crafting a wide array of wines — all of which are beautiful, individual and classy… and also happen to be bio-dynamically farmed.  Because, while they’re focused on leading the charge of responsible, environmentally friendly wine production in California, RSV is equally passionate about crafting high-quality, captivating and food-friendly wines that, as vintner Rob Sinskey says, “Sneak up on you, seduce you, and evolve in the glass and in the bottle.” 
My fiancée Jodi and I had the pleasure of visiting his Napa Valley tasting room while on a recent California wine country vacation.  The winery’s grounds are as lovely and inviting as any place we visited during our trip. 

Ivy-covered walls and pretty flowers all around provided peaceful
 beauty, as we sipped our way through a remarkable array of amazing wines. 

 The staff are very friendly and helpful as they answer questions about their wines while providing top-notch service.  As you can also see, Sinskey prefers to use the aesthetic, elongated bottles for many of his wines.

  They look so elegant sitting on a table after being presented during a fine meal.
 Speaking of a fine meal, Sinskey’s wife is none other than Maria Helm Sinskey, a critically acclaimed San Francisco chef who left the bustle of city restaurants to run the teaching, gardening and delicious cooking side of RSV.  It was she who hosted the magnificent dinner event featuring her wines at the new Corkbuzz Wine Studio. 

Are you familiar with Manhattan’s Corkbuzz?  Check it out!  We think it’s just about the best thing to hit the wine bar scene around here.  Located just west of Union Square, it’s a restaurant, learning center, and wine bar rolled into one stunning package. 

Our dinner was a four-course, elegantly prepared feast that included dishes served with RSV’s:

Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and their Cabernet blend, POV

These we proudly offer here at 67 Wines.  The wines are the real deal when it comes to the best that California produces.  I urge to give them a try. Because, like Jodi and me, you will love them. 

John Asbury


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