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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Dream to Reality

It’s easy to imagine that every wine or spirit producer has been doing it forever, as if

they sprouted from the earth like a flower and instantly flung their goods into the air for

all to imbibe. There are many examples of families, like the Antinoris and Jadots, where

traditions have long been handed down from one generation to the next. Each must carry

the torch and claim the operation for their moment in time.

But what about the pioneers? What made them want to pursue their craft? Eduardo 

Valentini quit law to become a legend in Italian wine. Fess Parker (aka Davey Crocket and Daniel

Boone) had a hankering when he left Hollywood to open a family winery

Where did their inspiration come from?

I happened to be witness to one such transformation. My dear friends Josh Morton and

Susan Weinthaler  have been graciously hosting many friends at their barn in upstate New York for

years,  where the food, music and outdoor shenanigans have become the stuff of legend. Josh

would often make his own homemade “ginger juice,” a liqueur that we all swore was the

greatest cocktail infusion ever and would (jokingly at first) urge him to mass produce

it. He has since done just that. While keeping his other successful career as a network

consultant intact, he has managed to make Barrow’s Intense  a reality.
Nice work, lad!

— William Leonard-Lee



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