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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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September 2, 2013

Joy of the Alpines

I am a huge fan of Italian wine. There is such a wide variety of styles within the nooks and crannies of this great peninsula that one can never get bored — not to mention the food that pairs along with it all. For some reason, I find myself continually drawn to the wines of the Alto Adige. Also known as “Südtirol” (the south of Austria’s Tyrol), this most northerly of Italy’s wine regions has more German speakers than Italian. It also boasts a larger percentage of DOC wines than any other in the country, mostly produced through cooperative wineries.

I recently enjoyed St Michael-Eppan’s 2011 Pinot Nero, which exemplifies my love of the Alpine way. St Michael-Eppan is a cooperative that was founded in 1907 just north of Caldaro. They produce a range of wines typical of the region; all are single varietal selections of both local and classic grapes. There’s a sense of purity and clarity that comes across in this Pinot Nero that I adore. Blackberry and soft cherry fruit evenly caress the palate, and there seems to be a soft, nutty undercurrent that reminds me of many Schiavas that come from the same backyard. This wine is understated, and absolutely charming.



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