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Thursday, August 8, 2013

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67 Wine and Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) and Enrique Foster Gittes, LEDA's founder, in a partnership to "Foster the Future," to help raise awareness and to promote higher education access for high school scholars from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
Spirits has always been more than a wine shop. One of our principles is to find ways to work directly with not-for-profit organizations to support and promote their causes.  We recently joined forces with

I recently had the pleasure to visit Princeton University to meet a group of LEDA scholars who are currently enrolled in an intensive 7-week summer program. Joined by Bill Short from Dreyfus Ashby and Beth Breger, executive director of LEDA, our day began with a tour of the campus and an overview of the seven week curriculum that is aimed to prepare these scholars for the college application process.

I could not help feeling nostalgic for my own college days at Wesleyan University as I walked around the campus. After the tour, we joined the students at the University Cafeteria for lunch. Over cafeteria food, we exchanged greetings and talked extensively about what the program means to them and their background. I was dumbfounded to realize that some of them came to the summer program from as far as a Native American reservation in New Mexico, and that for others it was their first time getting on a plane and leaving behind their homes and families. With all the challenges of adapting to a new environment and the roller coaster of emotions of being away from home,  this group of LEDA Scholars seemed determined to have the best summer of their short academic lives.

Sitting with them and witnessing their enthusiasm and willingness to share their experiences was intoxicating and contagious. They all radiated a level of  maturity rarely found in pre-college teenagers. For me, the experience of meeting this group of  young men and women who will for sure shape the future of this country and the world was rewarding and humbling. Experiences like this helps keep me committed to leveling social and economic equality.  I am very grateful  to 67 wine, Enrique Foster Gittes and the LEDA Team for making “Fostering The Future” a successful campaign so far. The future is bright, lets keep paving the road ahead!

-Oscar Garcia


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