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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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One of the great benefits to being in the wine industry, aside from connecting people with the amazing artisans we work with, is the chance to visit these producers in their home vineyards and regions! I recently took a trip to France — partly for vacation, partly for music work with my band, Franglais, and partly to visit a few wine producers. I got lucky when I scored an invite to Jean Foillard’s domaine in Morgon.

Jean Foillard is one of the original members of the famous Gang of Four — four producers based in Villié-Morgon who helped to found the natural wine movement and remake the idea of Beaujolais Cru. I was thrilled to get the invite, because I’ve never met Jean nor seen his domaine. Yet getting there was not so easy to do! After getting ‘close,’ it took over an hour more of searching and several minutes on the phone with the importer’s office to actually find the place.

    I finally made it, and was lucky enough to taste this batch of wines with Jordan Salcito from Momofuku, Frank Pernelle, and Jean himself. It was a great tasting, and I learned a lot about the wines. Here are some of my tasting notes.

Morgon Corcelette 2011: Funky, pretty and floral, nice color, balanced with a hint of spice.

Morgon Côte du Py 2011: More expressive then the Corcelette on the nose, brighter, lots of red fruit, more pretty, more floral.

Fleurie 2011: Spiced, floral, less mature, a bit more high acid.

Morgon Côte du Py 2010: Bigger, blackberry fruit, not too funky, floral nose with hints of game, nice finish, very smooth.

Fleurie 2010: Floral, beautiful, red currants and berries, clean, nice acid, balanced and impressive.

Fleurie 2009: Beautiful, clean red fruit, perfectly balanced and great.

Morgon, Côte du Py 2009: Funky raspberries, big, and powerful.

Morgon 3.14 2009: Big and very impressive, fresh fruit and spice, with hints of cooked meat.

Fleurie 2008: Flowers, wild grass, nice high acid, crisp, very clean and pretty.

Morgon 3.14 2010: Oh my god, great! Brighter then the ’09, amazing fruit , cleaner with perfect acid.

(The last two were my favorites out of the tasting)

I spent way too much time tasting, hangin’ out, and talking about the Côte du Py, which we could see out the window. After the tasting, we shared an amazing lunch with Jean and his wife: great bread, sausage, an amazing cheese plate, some cherries —  and of course, a bottle of Morgon and a bottle of Tavel! This visit with the incredible, generous Jean Foillard and his wife was one of the highlights of my trip to France this year.

Ben Wood


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