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Friday, May 24, 2013

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     It's rare that I would choose this platform to profile a producer; however I feel that Jean-Paul Brun is worth the effort!
     As a small, iconic producer in the Beaujolais region, Jean-Paul does several things differently from the great majority of his neighbors. Let's start with the fact that he makes a sparkling wine! Not many Beaujolais producers do that. His "FRV 100" is rosé colored, just off dry, very fizzy, and bottled at 4-5 atmospheres. It's delicious and perfect to drink on a summer afternoon. Though this wine does not require food, it's great with grilled foods and BBQ! Also, as a fun side note, there's a pun there: 100 in French is pronounced "sant." Thus, his wine is called eff-err-va-sant!
     Next up is his amazing Beaujolais Blanc, which is an incredible bottling of unoaked Chardonnay. You can learn more about this wine in my Follow the Buyer email and post tomorrow!
     After these two wines, we move into his red Beaujolais Domaine des Terres Dorées ‘Ancienne,’ a tasty entry-level Gamay. Again, Jean-Paul breaks away from the norm and ferments his wine differently from many Beaujolais producers in two important ways.
     The first is that Domaine des Terres Dorées does not use any yeast to cause fermentation. The use of yeast is a practice very common in Beaujolais, and produces that famed banana smell in the Duboeuf wines. The other is the fact that this wine is fermented using Burgundy fermenters, which means no or very little carbonic maceration. This is a fermentation method that occurs in an anaerobic environment - resulting in fruity and less tannic wines.
     The ‘Ancienne’ is a structured and intense Gamay that stands up to heavier foods, and still has that delicious easy fruit to it. There is a little problem: Jean-Paul’s 2007 vintage loss AOC status and thus the right to be called Beaujolais because the wine was considered atypical of the appellation. While it might be considered “atypical,” it certainly is a prime example of Brun’s Beaujolais!
     Don't forget to check out Follow the Buyer; and enjoy some Beaujolais!

-Ben Wood


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