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Friday, March 29, 2013

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Shrimp in the Pan
This is a recipe designed to go with Chardonnay. It was meant that way from the start. I knew I had a terrific bottle of wine, the 2011 MacRostie Chardonnay Sonoma Coast, and wanted a recipe that would show the wine at its best. Yes, you could serve this with a Sauvignon Blanc or even a Pinot Grigio, but you’d be missing out. An Alsatian (or Oregon) barrel-aged Pinot Gris might almost do the trick, but this recipe was written with Chardonnay in mind.
Saffron Steeping
I started off by deciding that I wanted a saffron-cream sauce to go with the wine, but I’d never made one before. While there are many recipes for saffron-cream sauce, most didn’t appeal to me at all. Some called for too much cream; I couldn’t imagine starting off with two cups of cream. Other recipes added the saffron too early; experience has shown me that to get the most flavor out of saffron, it needs to be steeped like tea, and added late in the preparation. Some recipes had too many ingredients, and though I’m usually one to reach for lots of herbs, this uncomplicated dish works best with few, simple ingredients.
Sauce Reducing
What emerged from my recipe research was a plan: first, I’d season the shrimp with salt and (white) pepper, and sautée them quickly over high heat. For the sauce, I’d use a base of vermouth and chicken stock (I couldn’t resist some minced shallot, and for once I made a dish successfully without garlic.). Then I’d season the sauce with saffron and thicken it with cream.
This plan worked, and eventually grew into a recipe — by looking back at what I did, adjusting quantities and techniques, and getting it on paper for someone else to follow. As the pictures show, it came out pretty well. And with the MacRostie Chardonnay, it’s an excellent match.

Plated - Shrimp in Saffron Cream Sauce
- Paul Bressler


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