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Monday, March 25, 2013

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The steep riverside slopes of Spain’s Ribeira Sacra have drawn the attention of Spain’s young and talented winemakers, who are always in search of the next frontier. Here, Raul Perez — perhaps the most visionary and talented winemaker in the region — and a fleet of others have crafted some of the world’s most innovative wines by fusing indigenous varietals such as Mencía, Albarín, Godello and Albariño with cutting-edge viticultural techniques. Gradually, they’ve made beautiful, elegant, unique wines and have cemented their reputations as wine innovators and visionaries. The wines of Ribeira Sacra — such as minerally Godellos and terroir-driven Mencías — are, in my opinion, the most genuine expression of nature, terroir and varietal in all of Spain. A bit presumptuous on my part? Perhaps, but I love to think outside the box.
Oscar Garcia (center) with Raul Perez (left)

To experience the wines of Ribeira Sacra wine, look to either Vina do Burato Mencia 2010 or Adega Algueira Mencia 2011, both of which you’ll find in our Spanish wines section.


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