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Friday, March 22, 2013

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I fell in love with the white wine Txakolina while in the Basque food mecca of San Sebastián in Spain. Produced mostly from the grape Hondarrabi Zuri, Txakolina (also known as Txakoli) is light-bodied, floral, effervescent, high in acid and low in alcohol — the perfect accompaniment for the region’s seafood.

Here in New York, my own Basque mecca is Txikito in Chelsea, which only serves wines from the Basque region. Half of the fun of ordering Txakolina is watching the bartender pour it dramatically from high overhead, letting the wine stream into a broad, cylindrical glass below. Pouring from this height aerates the Txakolina and increases the amount of bubbles in the glass.

The food at Txikito, while not nearly as adventurous as my favorite spot in San Sebastián, is beautifully presented and very flavorful. On my must-have list is the crispy and incredibly creamy kroketas; next would be the octopus carpaccio, artistically plated with lemon oil, marjoram and blistered, tiny espelette peppers, which are addictive. Always delicious, too, are dishes from the specials board, particularly those with mushrooms or pork.

The fresh, lively Txakolina pairs wonderfully with all of these foods. Go and enjoy an evening in Basque country of Spain, but closer to home. Topa! 

-Karen Ripley


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