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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The other night I was lucky enough to attend a concert by the “French” rock band Nous Non Plus. I always love going to see live music, especially when one of the musicians (songwriter and guitarist Jeremy Parzen) is a wine guy. (His excellent blog is at dobianchi.com).

After the show, my friends and I decamped to The Ten Bells, a wine bar famous for its great selection of natural wines. We planned to have a meal and some wine, and there were six of us, so a magnum was in order. (This is a clue to how people in the wine industry drink). After sound thought, we decided on the excellent 2009 Muscadet Clisson from Marc Ollivier. Soft yet briny, lemony but with a white pepper finish — a great bottle. After a while, a few of us wanted to try a red, and much discussion ensued. Since something light and interesting was in order, we ordered the Trousseau des Corvées from Domaine de la Tournelle in Jura. It was spiced and delicious with bright red fruit and black pepper.
This is a follow up to Oscar’s excellent post of a week ago. When we in the industry go out, we generally try to drink wines we don’t know well, or have ever even tried. If you’re unsure, find a reputable place and trust the staff to get you a great bottle!

It made for a very nice night out.
Great music, great wines and great company.

- Ben Wood


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