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Monday, January 7, 2013

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On New Year’s Day, which was chilly but more temperate than the previous few days, my wife and I spent a rare day off together doing one of our favorite things in New York: Walking all over the place.

As we often do, we ended up on the border of Chinatown and Little Italy. With a fancy Nicaraguan cigar and a scarf tied around my neck, I naturally felt like a king. Down Mulberry Street, I saw an older sign that looked more 1940s than 1990s — and that was a good sign. It turned out to be La Bella Ferrara, a narrow, bustling place with trays of cannoli in the window.
We stepped inside to find a case with filled with dozens of pastries, as well as a menu of cappuccini flavored with real liqueurs, rather than silly syrups. I ordered a Frangelico hot chocolate for my wife and a Sicilian (or cappuccino with anisette) for myself, as well as a cannoli. Total bill: $13.50! We sat outside in the cool winter air and watched the foot traffic swirl and twist around us. Across the street, the Figli Di San Gennaro (aka the Most Precious Blood Church) had Christmas lights strung across their arch, which led to an ornate sculpture garden off to the side.

That afternoon, all was right in the world.  The only thing we had to do was finish our treats and head into Chinatown, in search of strange fruit and teapots. Champagne was waiting for us at home.

Jonathan Jenkins


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