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Friday, January 18, 2013

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Tired and short on sleep after staffing a whirlwind 10-day tour in Israel, an Israeli friend (also our tour guide) and I sought out the Katamon Winery in the old Jerusalem neighborhood of the same name. Avital Goldner, the winemaker, is also a Sofer Stam - a traditional scribe - and we walked in just as he was painstakingly writing a Torah scroll. Soon enough, he took us to the basement of his apartment building to show us his wine cellar. The cellar, which probably used to be a janitor's closet, had seven barrels in all. Avital was generous enough to pour us a taste from five of the seven barrels; then he opened two more bottles for us upstairs. The wines were truly Israeli - big, heady and expressive - and merit a discussion of their own. The encounter was as warm as I have ever experienced at a winery. Here was a genuine, sincere and passionate individual making wine for its true purpose: to be enjoyed by loved ones and others who share his taste and vision.

-Dmitriy Krasny


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