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Monday, July 16, 2012

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by Ben Wood | Wine Buyer | On Twitter: @7stringben

My wife and I recently traveled to France, mainly for the Django Reinhardt festival at Samois-sur-Seine. More on that in a future post. However, before that I was lucky enough to have a few days in Paris and Angers. After casting about for several days to get recommendations for places to eat, drink, and go, one recommendation we got was from Mrs. Smith for “La Gaigne”. This brilliantly small and tastefully decorated Parisian restaurant was fantastic!

We both had tasting menus. The food is incredible and the wines are curated well. The full menu included a beef carpaccio, two kinds of fish, and a pork belly dish. My adjusted menu for vegetarians (which was easy to order and they were very accommodating about doing) had several wonderful preparations – a soup, quite a beautiful salad, and a rich dish with sunchoke puree potatoes and mushrooms as well. Brilliant food, and great wines.
A crisp and brilliant, mineral Chablis (photo too blurry to publish) to start followed (in the wine pairing series) by a very aromatic and beautiful Pinot Gris from Alsace. Both producers are very small, and to my knowledge, not being imported into the United States.
This totally aromatic bottle went very well with the next wine – a oaked Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux. Beautiful. Fun and complex wine with flavors from the wood.
And finally a red wine from Chateau Chateau Tuilerries, a great Syrah from Costières de Nîmes. Great complexity and full of red fruit and game. Perfect with the meat.
And finally the “wine” of the night, was (believe it or not) a rhubarb liquor. I never had a rhubarb liqueur at all, and can’t wait to have again the next time I’m in Europe. I’ll be trying to source for 67, as it was amazingly good in a simple cocktail of sparkling wine, lemon juice with (maybe) a hint of simple syrup. 
On the walk home, we saw a striking example that makes you really think about the way we go about doing things in the U.S. and why, perhaps. So here what I saw – an electric car plugged in at the recharge kiosk in a public parking. Charging right on the streets of Paris! You can pay for parking and charge your electric car all in public spot. How cool is that!?


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