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Thursday, July 5, 2012

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Melissa Sutherland Amado | Dir of Marketing & Wine Buyer | Find her Tweeting @melissa_ful

Bubbles. Effervescence. Fizz. 

Whatever charming words we use to describe these beloved, non-champagne bubbles, there’s one constant: Wine drinking would be less exciting without them. 

In July, we celebrate Fizzies each Thursday, from 4-7PM on the second floor.

At these sessions, you have the opportunity to taste fizzies made from off the beaten path varieties such as Pignoletto (from Emilia Romagna), a bubbly from the volcanic vineyards of Sicily’s Mount Etna; an old vine Gamay sparkler from the Loire; and more from Spain, Italy, France, and Austria, including surprise blind bottles. We love fizzies and you should to, because in a still wine world, bubbles have built-in appeal.

Add more Fizz to your life, all month long. Find our entire selection of FizzFest wines here. 


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