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Thursday, June 14, 2012

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By Ben Wood, Wine Buyer | On Twitter: @7stringben

We are very excited about Greek wines. Some of the most amazing wines in the world are being made from Greece's indigenous grapes. The country gets lots of attention mostly for its dry white wines from the islands, Santorini being foremost among them. This island, familiar to many worldwide for tourism, is ideal for viticulture due to its volcanic soil and elevation, while the intensity of the wind present challenges that have been met with a unique system of vines trained in a bush form around a basket. 

I really wanted to talk about a one of our new reds. Red wines of Greece are really just beginning to make serious headway into the U. S. wine market. Some reds come from islands, but my focus today is a indigenous variety called Limnio, grown mostly in the Chalkidiki Peninsula. The Limnio we are working with is from one of the largest vineyards in Greece – Porto Carras. This famous resort has a 450 hectare vineyard in the area know as Sithonia – the middle of three legs extending out into the sea.

The Carras Limnio is a great wine from one of the most ancient grapes in the world. It’s widely held that the Limnio grape described by Aristotle as a speciality of the area. This wine is delicious, with strong red fruit and a lot of complex spice of cinnamon, pepper and bay leaf. Certainly perfect with greek food, such as grilled meats and fish with intense sauces and rich breads. For me, it’s a fun wine to drink, perfect in weight and complex in flavor. Drink some history!

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