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Monday, May 7, 2012

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Interviewed by Ben Wood | Twitter: @7stringben

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants held their (occasional) import portfolio tasting in NYC a few weeks ago, and I was privileged to sit with him for a few minutes for a quick Q & A. You can find Part I of the interview here, and videos of the interview on our Youtube channel. 

Kermit Lynch talking about wines from Corsica
Kermit: My dad was a preacher… I got sick of that stuff. Have faith, have faith. No! I want to swallow the damn wine and enjoy it. I don't care about faith… (laughing)

67 Wine: Right. It's about, you know, what is it?… There is one very crazy natural winemaker that I know, and he says it's about getting drunk. Which, I believe is something that Chauvet used to say, every once in a while.

Kermit: No, No 

67 Wine: No?

Kermit: He didn't talk like that, no.

67 Wine: Somebody talks like that, I forget who it was… 

Kermit: Yeah, it was his disciple, (snaps fingers) who worked with Lapierre for many years before they had a falling out. Yeah, I forget his name.

67 Wine: And they would say it’s about getting drunk, and you can get drunk better on these wines. But, you know a little bit.

Kermit: Chauvet wouldn't say that, but the gang of four would talk like that very much. And I certainly shared in that part of their life too! (laughs)

67 Wine: Yeah, well, that's good! Alright, so let's move onto this other question, which is… Sort of ties in to what we're talking about which is are there any wines that you don't import that you really love, that you have in the cellar perhaps, or something like that?

Kermit: Oh, yeah, yeah. For example…uh…

67 Wine: Or even something local from Berkley or something like that…

Kermit: Vincent Dauvissat. Love his wines, Raveneau's cousin… And I love to taste with him too; he's a experienced taster. He has a very… You know, I talked about me, I see human beings. I see traits, in this country that you can't talk about masculine and feminine when you are talking about wine. It's kind of silly. 

67 Wine: I guess we are out of time. One quick other question: Is there anything else you want people to know about? Check out your CDs are on Itunes, I take it. What else, other then the music thing? Is there any thing New Yorkers don't know about Kermit Lynch that you think we should?

Kermit: I don't think so. No. I can't think of anything that I could talk about, publicly . . . (laughs)

67 Wine: Thanks so much for your time on this busy day. 

Kermit: Thank you, you asked some questions I was dying to answer today, so thank you for that!


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