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Thursday, April 19, 2012

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by Melissa Sutherland Amado | Director of Marketing, Wine Buyer | Find her Tweeting @melissa_ful

Pizza and wine is a classic. Some people even devote their entire eating experience around the this duo. So we were truly thrilled to see the front page of the NYTs Dining & Wine Section devoted to pizza. From recipes for calzones, to montanara – the fried pizza of Naples, Italy, But precise pairings? Forget about it. Eric Asimov gets it right, and inspires us. We have our say below, but have fun, and drink what you like, or try them all!

Pizza: Tomato, olive, feta
I like my pizza bold and my wine with lots of body. The Ca’ di Pain is perfect in this regard. – Seth Weiser, Kosher Wine Buyer

Pizza: Stracciatella, or the "Rosa" from Co. in Chelsea  
I’m a sucker for the Naples classic duo – Fanta Aranciata and simple rosso pizza. But these days, drink-wise, I reach for Gragnano. Slightly sweet, with a touch of smoky-earthiness served boldly chilled… sometimes I can’t imagine a more pleasurable union of elemental flavors. – Melissa Sutherland Amado, Italian White Buyer 

Pizza: Pizza Bianco from Lombardi's in NoLiTa
Margherita is my favorite pizza. Bianco, too, but never meat. The JCB is a fuller style Cremant from Burgundy, from the Nuits-Saint-Georges area of the Côte d’Or. I drink bubbles with all meals, and this one definitely cuts through oil in the fried pizza – montanara – in the NYTs article. – Evelyn Wing, Champagne Buyer

Pizza: Eggplant and crushed tomatoes, preferably in Naples
I’d order a pizza with eggplant and pair it with Aglianico. The earthy fleshiness of Aglianico would happily complement the meatiness of the eggplant, not to mention the bright acidity that enlivens the entire experience. – Bart Hopkins, Italian Red Buyer

Pizza: Margherita at Pulino's on the Bowery
I like a simple pizza – mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil with a nice char on the crust. The Fontana dei Boschi is not an overly sweet Lambrusco. I get sour cherries balanced by earthiness – lots of complex flavors. We had this Lambrusco while sitting outside at Pulino’s on the Bowery. It’s the best alternative to Coke. – Oscar Garcia, Spain & South America Wine Buyer

Pizza: Sausage pie, thin and well done from Sacco's on 9th Ave
This Barbera fits the criteria: It’s cheap, has great acidity, and red. Done. – Paul Bressler, Rhone Wine Buyer


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