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Friday, May 27, 2011

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We tasted 4 Chardonnays at yesterday's tasting.

Armida Russian  River Valley Unoaked 2010 $17.99 (Reg $19.99) - The Armidia UnoakedChardonnay changed remarkably little during the course of the 3 hour tasting. Unusual for a white wine, this had a nose of bright, fresh strawberry, which followed through on the palate. Tasted blind, and by that meaning you couldn't see, this would be easily confused for a Provencal Rose.

Jordan Russian River Valley 2008 $23.99 (Reg $32.99) - The Jordan changed the most over the course of the tasting. I started out with a pretty oaky nose, bright red apple fruit and a mouthful of (almost harsh) acidity. The oaky nose quickly blew off, and the wine came into better fruit/acid balance. It became richer and rounder, with a creamy texture, but still finished extremely dry. Later on, the fruit faded, leaving the impression of fruit without much intensity. It retained the creamy mouthfeel, but the finish became even drier, quite tart.

Grgich Hills Estate Grown Napa Valley 2008 $29.99 (Reg $42.99) - This wine is organic and biodynamic. The Grgich Chard was the oakiest wine of the flight, with an aggressively oaky nose. On the palate, the fruit was of ripe apple and pear, and the oak expressed itself with a pleasantly bitter edge. Grgich Chardonnays don't undergo malo-lactic fermentation, leading it to have a fairly sharp acidity, which nicely cuts through the fruit and oak, leaving the mouth pretty clean and without the slightly cloying finish many oaky Chardonnays can have.

Flowers Andreen-Gale Sonoma Coast 2006 $39.99 Reg (54.99) - This wine was the real star of the tasting, outselling each of the other wines even though it sold for $40. The Flowers Andreen-Gale was a rich, round , creamy mouthful of flavor. Beautiful apple and pear fruit, and a complex background of secondary flavors made this a great sipping wine, and the moderately dry finish would make it an extremely food friendly wine. Even at age 5, the fruit was quite impressive, showing no sign of fading even after having been open for three hours. A truly delicious Chardonnay.

Paul Bressler
67 Wine California Chardonnay Buyer


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