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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Hi all,
Welcome. As we are a retailer- I thought I would recommend some wines for you for the big, big dinner that everyone does next Thursday. Here are some of our Staff and their choices. The stipulations were that there could be one red, and one white- that the wine had to be good with thanksgiving.

New Salesman Robert Segal chose Dolium Petite Reserva Malbec. "This wine is Huge without being coarse and has a great supple texture that will work well with the Bird". Robert also suggested a great white- the E Prove Mastracci Blanc. A wine from Corsica made from mostly Vermentino, Robert said "Every time I drink this wine I want to go to the market and start buying things to cook, bring them home and cook with a good bottle for the chef!"

Evelyn Wing, our General Manager and Champagne and Loire White Buyer picked Vve Fourny rose Champagne because it is fully Biodynamic, and is very fruit forward, plus it would be a perfect pairing with all the great food, Finally because it is Champagne the fizz will keep everyone from being tired even after turkey! Evelyn also chose A Montluis  Clos De La Chene. This beautiful wine is made from the noble Chenin Blanc grape and has just a hint of sweetness at the back of the throat, but is dry in every other way.


Salesman Brian Hayden follows tradition in recommending the great small production Zinfandel from Quivera vineyards in California. A classic for several reasons, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and this is the American wine grape; plus the Quivera Zinfandel is perfectly balanced and drinks beautifully, as opposed to some of the monster, intense over oaked Zinfandels that abound from that state. For a white wine, Mr. Hayden suggests the great Pinot Gris from F. Mallo in Alsace. Now, I know you are thinking that he just mentioned the American holiday thing- but this winery has an American involved. And this Pinot Gris is well priced, tasty, and fits the cuisine that we all will be eating!


Our Spainish wine buyer for the store, Oscar Garcia, immediately brought the white Rioja 2007 from Sierra Cantabria, called Organza. It is perfect for side dishes with nuances of spice and round texture. For red wine, Mr. Garcia chose the always well made, intense and modern Torre Muga. This fits with the powerful fall flavors and American cooking without overwhelming the foods.


New daytime saleswoman Melissa Sutherland chose two wines for us as well. The Birgit Braunstein St. Laurent Goldberg 2004 is a Austrian red, the St. Laurent grape that shows lots of dark cherry and baking spice both ideal compliments to the cacophony of the Thanksgiving table. Austrian Reds offer a new experience to the traditions of the feast! The second Alsace Pinot Gris in our series is also recommended by Ms. Sutherland, and is the Julian Meyer “Fanny Elisabeth” 2006. This Pinot Gris is rich, layered and offers focused fruit that brightens the density of thanksgiving dishes. Alsace wines are immediate go to options for pairing with the flavors of fall.


Another staff member Paul Bressler, 67 wine’s Rhone and California Chardonnay buyer is planning on drinking a bottle or two of the Montelena Chardonnay 2008 from Napa. This wine is crisp and dry with a clean mouthfeel. Great with food, this is not a cocktail wine- but a true food wine, a rarity in California Chardonnay. For the red wine Paul will be drinking some Chateneuf De Pape from Cote de L’ange, the 2004. This is Delicious with ripe fruit and mild spice. A wine that is versatile with food like this is a gift on a holiday focused on the bounty of food!


Bordeaux Buyer Bernie Weisser was quite enthused about the possibility of opening one of his prized bottles of Domaine Weinbach 'Cuvee Lawrence' Gewertraminer from the Alsace region of France. “I love the wine. It is a stunning bottle, a complete wine with layers of flavor. It never gives up- and will not just match the food, but add an element of flavor as well!” He also suggested the Groth Cabernet Sauvignon from California’s Napa region. “It’s goes right to the heart of the matter, a great wine. Funny, some people will say this is wrong for the turkey, but it works great with all the sides and that is what I am planning to eat!”


French wine buyer Ben Wood suggests the following two wines: A red from the Loire, Poivre et Sel made by Olivier Lemasson Vin Contes winery. This is a great fabulously complex and beautifully spiced delicate wine. Great with the turkey, and with just enough spice to play against the sweet sides, plus a mouthwatering acidity and perfect balance so that your palate and body wake up and there is no tired feeling. A second great bottle, and one to go with the early part of the day- while still cooking and eating light bites is the Terres Dorees FRV 100 rose sparkling wine. This great bottle has a pun on the label (F, Er, Ve, sant- Effervescence) and its bubbly, light, fun wine that does not cost an arm or a leg. A great bottle for the holiday!


Saleswoman Liz Ledezma had the following to say “Thanksgiving dinner with family is one of the best traditions most of us get to enjoy. To make it and even greater meal pair your turkey day with Turley Dogtown Zinfandel 2005!

Thanks for reading,




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