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Monday, October 25, 2010

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Hi All,

Recently I was invited to a dinner at the amazing new restaurant - The Lambs Club. This amazing location used to be a actors club - famously Dean Martin said about it "when I was made a Lamb, I felt like I had been knighted." Now a new American food temple in midtown (of all locations), the food was amazing, the cocktails and wine list are amazing- a very promising place!

The invite to this meal came from our connection to American Importer Neal Rosthenthal. Winemaker Etienne Portalis was in NYC, and wished to present some wines to people in a casual and fun setting. We started the evening off with sparkling Vouvray from Phillip Foreau- delicous and mineral with good concentration and nice texture- it was a good way to start of the evening in the upstairs bar.

After we moved downstairs we had some lovely food. I ate a simple  delicious. During this portion of the meal we drank both the white and rose from Chateau Simone in Pallete- perhaps the smallest appellation in all of Provance. The white is fascinating- built for long term aging and yet agreeable now. This wine tasted of crisp rich white fruit, pears and apricots without any sweetness and great minerality. The rose is more then enough to stand up to grilled food, with a rich darker red/rose color and a solid weight on the palate, while still refreshing and tasty. A hint of game, flowers and berries- this was a great finish to the appetizer course.

The wines that accompanied my ricotta gnocchi and fresh shaved truffles were really amazing- a bottle of Simone Palette Rouge and two bottles of Pradeaux Bandol Rouge, A regular bottle of 2003 and a bottle of the Long garde 2004. Both the wines were amazing- rich and delicious- the Simone was a bit lighter, and more elegant with notes of red fruit and earth- and violets. The Bandols were meaty, with the weight and dark berry notes that go along with wines based in the Mouvedre grape. The Long garde was my favorite of the night with dark berries, coco, and lavender layered in a full bodied and texturally complex wine. Great stuff!!

Check out this great restaurant and these amazing wines- I should have some on the shelf early next month!
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