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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Hi all,
Sunday night brought the passing of a titan in our industry. Marcel Lapierre, the great Morgon winemaker passed away on Sunday night. Though I never met the man (I have met his son Matthieu) I am a huge fan of the wines, and feel that I have come to know a little about him through his amazing wines. A member of the cru Beaujolais wine making group nicknamed the Gang of Four by American wine importer Kermit Lynch. Marcel began making wines in the conventional way, but quickly came under the influence of wine dealer and scientist Jules Chauvet, who's ideas included using little or no sulfur and trying to harvest fruit ripe enough to ferment using native yeast.

Marcel Lapierre is considered to be the dean of natural wines and taught several other wine makers- not only the other members of the gang of four Foillard, Thevenet, and Breton; but many of the other wine makers all over France. The wines are incredible smooth, beautiful, aromatic, wines that taste of earth, flowers and sensuality (yes, romanticizing!). Sometimes rich, sometimes light, always amazing wines to drink. I have had several bottles of Morgon to celebrate and Honor one of my favorite winemakers.

Last night the NY trade held a memorial "wake" for him at the Ten Bells. This was industry highlights, and a great chance to catch up with several of our best and brightest. In attendence were Alice Feiring, Jenny Lefcourt, Joe Dressner, Members of the wine trade from retail and restaurant- all gathering to honor a wine maker who's touched all of our lives.

Cheers Marcel, I'm glad to have tasted so many of your wines, and enjoyed them a great deal!

Thanks for reading, and pick up a bottle of Morgon, Cuvee, or a half bottle of these amazing wines.


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