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Saturday, June 5, 2010

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A problem we were facing here at 67 Wines and Spirits was how to give customers access to the older, rarer, and/or more expensive inventory we have in stock, while keeping those wines in a cool, safe environment to preserve their integrity. 

We are now using an iPad as a medium of display and interaction.  With the introduction of the iPad, we are able to give customers a chance to digitally scroll through the wines that we have in our cold room.

This project was two months in the making: taking pictures of each individual bottle, editing them, and finally, finding a format that customers can easily interact with.  The first “test iPad” went up a few weeks ago and we have had great responses to the new technology in the store. 

While some come to just play around with the new toy, others have taken advantage of being able to see the conditions of older wines we have in stock.  Not only can people see the actual bottle being sold, they can zoom in on specific conditions as well as read a review by a wine critic. 

As of right now, the first iPad is neatly placed upstairs in the Bordeaux section, where it is up and running, allowing customers to page through a myriad of Bordeaux wines.  These include a great selection of Lafite Rothschild and Latour, among other big names, in vintages as new as 2005 and as old as 1883! 

In the upcoming weeks, we will be placing several more iPad’s throughout the store to display the great Chardonnay’s, Italian’s, and Burgundy’s (just to name a few).  Whether you are a connoisseur searching for that missing piece to your collection or just looking for a great bottle as a birthday gift (I am born in ’87 but that is one vintage we do not have!), don’t hesitate to come in and play around with a new toy. 

In a world where so much is “hands-off”, this is one item that we encourage you to put your hands on.

-Matthew Aglialoro 


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