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Friday, April 30, 2010

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Hi all,
As many of you know- or will figure out by reading blogs it is high tasting time here in NY for the wine trade. Recently there have been several very interesting tastings. One of my favorite events just happened: the 2010 Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants NYC tasting. A great event and a chance to taste most of the Lynch imported wines that are available to us. Here are my comments on several of the wines (some of which we carry) and some quick photos.
The Scene:

The Scene 2:

The first couple of tables were sparkling wine- at the moment we don't carry any. However up next was the great wines from Domaine Ostertag inlcluding the sylvaner Old vines and the great Riesling 'vignoble d'E'. both great dry white wines from the crus of Alsace.
A table later was perhaps my favorite section of the tasting: Beaujolais! Hosted by Mathieu Lapierre, son and heir apparent of famous Morgon producer Marcel Lapierre. These are among the best Beaujolais in the world. Raisins Gaulois vdp Des Gauls was bright, clean and very gulpable. The Morgon was smooth, and richer. The 'Cuvee Marcel Lapierre' was big, clean and very good. Also on the table was a library vintage of the 2003 Morgon- who says Beaujolais can't age! This was astounding, fresh and very complex.
After tasting through Kermit's very nice selection of Burgundy producers, we came upon the tables from the Loire valley. Aside from the Beaujolais this is perhaps the strongest section of the book. I tasted some of my old favorites- Salavard Cheverny Blanc; a mineral blend of Chardonnay and Savignon Blanc. Another one that I love is the Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre. This wine is a textbook example of great Sancerre- beautiful, aromatic and chalky with great flavors and good balance. The Red Cheverny from Salavard was smoky and still light- very nice. Charles Joguet's Chinon's are always good, but this batch was very nice- the 'Cuvee Terrior' was nice, with wild herb flavors and very dry.
New to the Kermit Lynch portfolio is the amazing wines from Cathrine and Pierre Breton. This couple growing in both the Bourgueil and the Chinon areas are making some of the best wines in the Loire. The Bourgueil Trinch is delicious and clean. The 'Nuits D'Ivresse' is rich and rounder. They also brought a library vintage: a 1996 Bourgueil 'Les Perrieres' Funky and smooth- impressive.
Here is quick photo of our Host and I:

Some of the other great wines I tasted there were the amazing bandols from Domaine Tempier- here is a shot with Daniel, the winemaker of Domaine Tempier:

Here are some links to the unique wines he makes: Domaine Tempier Bandol. Rich and dry with great flavors of dark berries, chocolate, lavender and thyme. Domaine Tempier Bandol La Migoua. Incredible mouvedre wine with coco powder, blackberries and lots of spice- this is a special cuvee made from all south facing old vines . .
Great wines and a fun day- this was a really enjoyable well run tasting.


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