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Friday, April 23, 2010

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Hi all,
Yesterday I was privileged to attend on of the best wine tastings in NY. Louis/Dressner is one of my favorite importers. The focus of their portfolio is natural wines, be they organic or just traditional. As you might imagine it's always a pretty exciting tasting. In addition to this they usually bring several of the winemakers over to speak with everyone and explain the wines. However, the volcanic cloud had a lot to of influence on if a winemaker came over or not.

The international symbol of the volcano- located on the table for George Descombes and Damien Coquelet, two great wine makers from the Beaujolais region the make great wine (and were supposed to pour in our store while they were here), representing the cloud of volcanic ash that kept them from flying here from France.
These are some of my favorite wines, cru Beaujolais that show amazing flavors and great elegance.
The next table over featured wines from producer Marc Ollivier, his vineyards are located in the Muscadet appellation. Pretty, complex and dry whites and astoundingly good reds which were new to me. The red from Cabernet Franc grapes was clean, earthy and great. Medium bodied with bright cherry flavors.
I made my way around to the De Moor table where I tasted their amazing Aligote and Chablis wines, and a special cuvee of Aligote made from vines planted in 1902- centenarian vines! These are very concentrated wines for non Chapitalized, non Yeasted, and non wooded wines. In short great stuff.

One more great French Wine from the Sud Quest- the south west part of the country- Causse Marines from Gaillac. These are great wines with different grapes from what we are used to - Bracul sometimes know as Fer Servadu for the red, and Mauzac, Ondenc for the white! Astounding wines, smooth and complex.
After that it was on to the Italians. I tasted with Alessandra Bera who made it from Italy despite the air travel problems. She showed a great Dolcetto that I did not really know that well, it turns out that Bart has carried them here at 67 for some time! Smooth and delicious and it can take a slight chill.
Arianna Occhipinti showed all three of her wines from Sicily, and a great bottle of olive oil (if you ever see this- buy one!). She grows bio-dynamically and makes delicious wines. My favorite bottle of wine last year was a bottle of the 2007 Frappato, an indigenous Sicilian grape that is light and elegant with raspberry, smoke, and pepper but not heavy at all.
Finally I tasted the wines from sister team Fontereza in Montalcino- A great Tuscan wine estate that produces bio-dynamic wines. These wines will be presented at the store tonight by Francesca Padovani from 4.30-7pm (april 23rd). Full bodied and delicious she makes a nice range of Sangiovese wines including a lovely Rosso Di Montalcino, and a Brunello.
See you for the tasting tonight!!
Thanks, and Thanks for reading.

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