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Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Lenn Thompson's blog, once called Lenndevours, now called New York Cork Report, had an article by Ton Mansell that piqued my interest. In reading it, I found him repeating one of my favorite wine facts: When you smell cherries (or in this case rose petals) in wine, what you are smelling is the same chemical compound responsible for that scent in cherries (or rose petals) themselves.

"In 1999, researchers at Cornell determined that the signature aroma of lychee/rose in Gewürztraminer comes from a compound called cis-rose oxide (diagram at right). Unsurprisingly, this molecule is also found in rose petals."

For the full article, see the New York Cork Report: Growing Up Gewürztraminer: Varietal Character and Ripeness


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