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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Sometimes you find things that have been around for a long time- today we found these bottles of older Coteaux du Languedoc from Chateau De Cazeneuve. These are from the 1997 vintage, and have been in our store for a long, long time!

Once we found them, I decided that we needed to sell them, but I knew nothing about this wine! First, I checked out the website from the winery. Next, I tried to read up about it on review sites- not a lot out there! Next up, I tasted one:

The wine had a lovely color of brick and a slight fade to orange at the edge of the glass- pretty typical of wines this old. The smell was compelling with a lot of floral, mineral and complexity. A few minutes after opening it grew into intense cinnamon and floral noise. The flavor on the palate was clearly berries and spice, with nice soft entry. I enjoyed it up until the finish, which has a bit of heat, and was somewhat overpowering for me. Paul, our Rhone buyer, liked it so much that he took a bottle!

Thanks, and Enjoy some wine today!


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