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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Hi all,
We recently were involved in a great event here in NYC, the natural winemakers week- sponsored and hosted by Jenny and Francois Selections. We carry a decent selection of wines from this great importer; Their Focus is on wines made organically or biodynamically in the vineyards, and very minimal winemaking techniques in the cellar. These are spectacular wines that are very unique and interesting!
As part of this week full of events, I attended the portfolio tasting, and we hosted a winemaker tasting. Here are some photos I took:

The scene at The Smith- for the Jenny and Francois tasting.

Another side of the same room- more New York wine trade people tasting these great wines.

Troy Bowen, our contact with Jenny and Francois explaining the wines.

Kate, explaining the wines and pouring . . . sorry about the compression of the picture!

Paul Darcy of Darcy and Huber (a great Austrian wine importer)
tasting the wines and enjoying the tasting.

Jenny Lefcourt (one of the owners of Jenny and Francois), brilliant wine importer!

The tasting was on Monday, and on Wednesday we hosted several of the great winemakers here in the store for a tasting that included Tire Pe, Chemins De Bassac (isa) Tony Coturri and Colombaia. A great combination of natural winemakers. Here are some photos of that event:

The man, The myth, the Legend- Tony Coturri!

Coturri's wines from the tasting- the amazing field blend alberello, the sandocino and, zinfandel. All great organic, unfined and unfiltered wines from Mendocino county in California

Tony and Lynda pouring and chatting.

Isabella (of chemins de bassac) and Dante (of Colombaia) chatting about the wineries in france.

Remy (chemins de bassac) and David (Tire Pe) tasting and talking with the customers.

A little signage!

And finally a picture of all of the winemakers, their hosts (Troy, Jenny, and Francois) in front of our store! We were proud to host them and be part of this great event!

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