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Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Hi all,
Recently I've been on a little kick for trying out new wine bars here in NYC. As anyone reading this is a wine drinker, it's always worth knowing where the best glass or bottle near you is. Here are a few I've liked:

Tangled Vine:
A new bar that opened on the upper west side, at 81st and Amsterdam. This is a great spot the features well executed mostly local food, and a great list of wines which are at all sustainable, organic or bio-dynamic. A few of us went to check it out after work last weekend. We were seated quite fast despite the crowd. After ordering a few quick bites for the table, the homemade potato chips and the house cured olives with chili, and citrus. The olives were delicious. We chose a bottle of wine: A red from the Teran grape made by Clai Bijele Zemlje in Croatia! Gamey and meaty this is a nice bottle to have with some solid preparation of meat. For dinner, people selected the pork belly sliders, and a beet salad- both were excellent, and very enjoyable! This is a great spot and necessary for the upper west!

The Ten Bells:
This is the most famous "organic" wine bar in New York City- a great space in the East Village. I have been here several times of the last 8 months, and enjoyed each trip for different reasons. This last time I was coming after being out at Tangled Vine. Ordered two glasses, one of the Deux Anes Corbieres Primer Pas, which was as always, funky and tasty. One glass of the Tete Julianas, light and elegant. Both are great organic wines that we carry in the store. A great selection of music was on and for once it was not totally crowded (though that can be nice as well!) . . .A Nice time.

The Bodega bar:
This is a brand new bar in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn which opened just last week, and has not even had their "grand opening". This is an amazing space, with old school rustic touches and a granite bar that was really solid. They have a stage, and hopefully will start music soon. The owners Ben and Gina are great, friendly and enthusiastic, with a great list so far, and solid plans for expansion. I went in to say hi, and have a glass, and was treated like a visiting dignitary! After thirty minutes the bar started to fill up, and seemed to be mostly Greenpoint residents relaxing with a good glass of wine or beer at the end of the day. I am looking forward to returning on March 30th for the grand opening!



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