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Saturday, February 6, 2010

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These are some shots from our tasting yesterday with Justine From Iron Horse winery. We carry all the great Sparkling wine from this famous California Winery.

Our hostess and her great wines lined up in the tasting area.

Justine explaining the wines to our staff member Liz.

A detail of the wines in line up . . . Rose Brut, The Wedding Cuvee, The Russian Cuvee,
The Vintage Brut and finally the Blanc De Blancs.

Justine showing the wines to some very happy customers!!
A quick note about the Russian Cuvee that I just saw was not on our site anyplace else! This wine was so named due to the fact that it was drunk by President Regan and Gorbachev at the summit meeting in Washington DC in 1987.
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