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Monday, January 4, 2010

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I was invited to a party at the home of a great wine writer this weekend to celebrate the changing of the decade.

What a great event! I was treated to a gaggle of very interesting people who were super nice with great stories and opinions! A great time. Aside from this there was some very good wine (more on that in a second . .); and amazing food. I brought two homemade focaccia breads; one with rosemary, one made with sage. Also served was a great biryani and some lovely cheeses.
The wines of the night are pictured below:

Now, we of course carry only one of these wineries. . .but the others are well worth seeking out.

The wines were a Bourgueil from Domaine Guion. A lovely wine made in the Loire- I tasted red fruit, earth and a lovely strength for a Loire valley wine.

The next wine was the Herve Souhaut Syrah made in the Cotes du Rhone in France . . this is great wine, and a few years ago was quite my favorite wine at the Jenny and Francois wine tasting. Dark berries; smooth, beautiful, and great!

Next up was the Clos Rougeard Saumer Champigny- This was the wine of the night as far as what I got to try- beautiful, lush, earthy with bright berries and totally great subtle mouthfeel.

Last up was the wine that tasted (as an astute observer noted) like syrup. The Stags Leap Cask 23 1997. One of the best wines of California, but strange at this gathering . . intense and syrupy with no tannins left and nice flavors, but not too enticing for my palate compared to other wines I did not know!

The host, famous wine writer and natural wine heroine Alice Feiring, is one of the great pleasures about working in wine, please go and check out her amazing writing. Also in attendance was Abe Schoener from the Scholium project- whose Red Hook (yes, as in Brooklyn!) wines were opened and you'll see them in the store soon! I love a good party, especially when it gives me a chance to hang with my favorite food blogger, and social media master, Zachary Adam Cohen- check his Farm to Table blog out- great ideas about food and other society issues.

There were a lot of cool people that i met for the first time at this event- I wanted to shout out to a few of them right now! Pam Govinda is a wine and lifestyle writer who has composed several of my favorite articles; the ones about counterfeit wine are amazing!

Last but not least- Adam Morgenstern and his wife- Thecla. Adam and Thecla are very funny, and both have a great nose for wine- he edits the great online magazine- Organic Wine Journal. Great stuff from all these talented people, plus great wine, and food made for a great night!

Thanks all,
Happy New Years!



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