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Monday, January 11, 2010

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Hi all,
Today was a pretty typical day here at the store. Working on some projects - trying to get things organized in the "cool room" and selecting some wines to order. I had one appointment with the great importer Savio Soares. We tasted several very good wines. I'd like to mention three of them here:

The first- coming in this week is the Mouressipe Cuvee Tracassier from Alain Allier. This is part of the very new school of french winemakers making "Vin Naturel" bottles made from organically grown grapes and non interventionist winemaking- plus bottled without sulfur added. A great grenache wine with nice color and a slight cloudyness from being unfined and unfiltered. The nose was amazing- with complex herbal notes (tarragon and chives); and great dark berry fruit. secondary flavors of tar and tabacco are present as well. On the palate this wine is pretty and complex with great smooth texture and nice weight. The finish goes on and on. In short a great wine!!

The next two are wines that we already stocked, but I thought that since we had them both I'd refresh them.
The first is the great biodynamic Bordeaux Champ Des Treilles. This great estate is farmed biodynamicly, and makes some great bordeaux at really reasonable prices.
I loved this wine at the first taste- and still do. It's got nice color, and really nice clean notes of plums and cherries as well as coco. In the palate is has nice mellow tannins.

The final wine I'd like to mention is an Arbois! Phillipe Bonard's Pupilin Chardonnay 2006. A great Chardonnay that is full of earth with mushrooms, bright melon and clean stone minerals . . . Lovely wine.
Check those wines out and check out Savio's website- he is fast becoming a great importer and very focused on natural and organic and biodynamic wines!


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