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Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Hi All,

Last night I went out to Spice Market - Jean Georges Asian fusion restaurant in NYC. Here is a little review of the food, drinks and wine that we tasted there. It is restaurant week here in NYC - and its a great time to go out and eat. First interesting thing was that we arrived for out 9.15 reservation at 8.30 due to unforeseen transportation details. To my very great surprise they seated us right away, and the entrance and facilitation of this was quite easy and effortless!

After being seated, we ordered and had a quick bite of papadoms (chick pea chips with black pepper) and tomato chutney. These were great and quite interesting; like a chips and salsa from India! Our drinks arrived next- a whiskey fizz made with Bulleit Bourbon that was quite complex and great. The second drink was a raspberry Bellini. The cocktails were quite good- though the bellini was good it was a little too fruity for both my wife and me. 

The next course was chicken samosas, and a mushroom egg roll with glangal in it. I didn't get any of the Samosas, but the rolls were very, very, very good; and came with a variation on sauce: a mint and yogurt sauce rather then a duck sauce. Earthy, bright and brilliantly flavored - I loved this dish. These are quite good, and I would go back for this dish alone!
Next up was a soup and salad course. The soup was a butternut squash soup that was good, and a nice dish considering the temperature outside (near zero degrees with wind chill here in the city!). The salad was green papaya, apples and ginger. A tasty balance of acid and fruit notes.

The final course of non-sweet food was the main course. MY wife selected cod, which she said was good, but not great. My vegetables in green curry sauce was great however - each of the several different kinds of veggie was cooked to perfection and the green curry was spot on, smooth and a little spicy.

Now for the two little problems. One was that the service was almost perfect, but the food runners, while extremely polite and clearly good at their job, seemed a little nervous; not that this caused any issues for us. The second was that the dessert was a disappointment. We ordered a Ovaltine kulfi, which came with caramelized banana, and spiced milk chocolate sauce. It was basically a big bar of chocolate flavored ganache with some sauces . . . This seems to be a trend in the pastry chef world- but I wish it would stop.

All in all, a restaurant I would return to in for a night of small plates or cocktails and a snack. The service was excellent; and the room is totally beautiful. Plus the food was very, very good if not exceptional.



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