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Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Hi all,
So A tasting group with several of our clients invited me to a dinner entitled "It's Too Good to Drink!". The concept was that we would all bring a bottle or two from our cellars to drink that we would open in no other situation. Several of the gentleman invovled outdid themselves and brought astounding bottles!

The first wine was a great fresh white Bordeaux Chateau de Fieuzal, with a nice flavor showing bothof the grapes of this undervalued style of wine. I was suprised when the vintage was revealed to be a 1993, as the wine was still quite alive!

The second wine was a astoundingly old barolo from Bosca, Il Re Dei vini, A 1962! some of the gentleman felt this was passed its prime, and a little oxidized. I love that style and this wine reminded me of older Lopez de Heredia wines that I have tasted! A truely compelling nose and quite dry but nice on the palate.

The next bottle was the one that I brought from my cellar. Being the wine geek that I am I brought a magnum of one of my favorite producers in burgundy, but from a terrible harvest! The vineyard did well however, as did many sites in Volnay during that year! This wine had a great pinot flavor, and lovely dark color as well as a nice weight to it! Fun burgundy! The fellas got the region overall but guessed a younger year.

The Next four were pretty good! We started this batch with a bottle of haut brion 1996. Unfortunately for my palate the Haut Brion was a little off, like the storage was
not perfect- still, it was impressive wine, with a nose of coco and berries, and just was flat on the palate.
The Pape Clement was a shocker to me, I had tried this wine and found it to austere and a bit to much tobacco in the past- but it showed beautifully! totally plum and cherries, clean with a hint of earth- just great!
Palmer was amazing, as always, and I was just thrilled since it's my birth year! rich, still together, clearly a well cared for bottle that drank just great!

These three did not get me as well - The Marguez wine, a Bernard Marguez wine was well made, just not my thing- it was totally modern, oaky, overextracted and totally intense. Several people liked it a lot- I felt it was too much.
The Etna Rosso was a mystery to me, and I had not much thought about it; not really sure even to provide a good note! (we'd had a lot of good wines by this point!).
The Catina Zacannini showed really quite nicely against a host of other wines, a hint of earth, nice fruit and very smooth, this wine was a bit of a ringer; but held itself up well against a lot of other (and rather more expensive) wines.
The first two dessert wines, a sauternes; and a muscadelle. The Sauternes was intense, rich, and sweet- and went well with the cheese course. The Muscadelle is much more of a palate cleanser. Sweet, yet balanced with a little lift of bubbles. A pretty nose, and a nice flavor. I liked this wine a lot.
There was a final bottle- a vin santo that was pretty amazing as well- and was accompanied by the traditional biscotti!
All in all another great meal- Thanks so much for having me gentleman!


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