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Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Hi all,
So for those of you paying attention to our tasting schedule we had two very special tastings over the last two days. I would like to post my tasting notes to you for these special Sud France festival in NYC tastings.

Night one we played host to the always charming Phil S. from Kermit Lynch wines. We love their wines, and its always fun to have them here. The weather was bad, but we sold a lot of great wines!

The wines we tasted were:
Chateau La Roque Benadictins coteaux de Languedoc Blanc:
A lightly oaked complex dry rich white made from Rolle, Marsanne and Roussanne grapes from very old vines. The vineyard was first planted by the Benadictine monks! This was lemon, mineral and a bread notes. Great!

Gris de Gris Domaine De Fonsainte Corbieres:
A great rose, with notes of orange, strawberries and good length for the low price it sells at. This was the first Rose I bought this year, and perhaps will be on of the last roses that I drink (its really started to be red wine weather!).

Domaine De Terrebrune Bandol Rouge
From half bottle!
Bandols often are my favorite wines from the provance area! This wine is meaty, dry, with a bit of funk, and a lot of herbs and spice as well as a lovely core of fruit to it. A great bottle for the lunch box!

And the two stars of the night:
Domaine Leon Barral Faugueres
Leon Barral is a great small winery run completely naturally, by Didier Barral. The domaine is named for his grandfather. The production is done in a quite unique way- one third of the vinyard space is held as grazing space for his herd of cattle (his assitants!), and this is rotated every year or two. The wines are big, intense, yet totally balanced and beautiful with big upfront fruit and great drinkablity young! We tasted two.
Domaine Leon Barral Faugueres
This cuvee is a four grape blend of syrah, mouvedre carignan and grenache. A great easy to drink wine very nice finish. Nice complexity from the notes of tar and tobacco.

Domaine Leon Barral Faugueres Jadis:
Jadis is a cuvee made from 80% Syrah. Delicous, a bit more gamey and a bit richer, this is also quite good to drink now, though I think it will age a lot more as well.

Next up, Day two- a multi vendor showdown of natural wines from the south of France!


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