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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Hi all,
Yesterday I was honored to attend a tasting of Chateau Musar wines at Hearth. This tasting was hosted by Serge Honchar, the owner of the Chateau. Musar is a winery located in the Bekka valley, Lebanon! The wines are unique, natural and Bordeaux influenced for reds, and totally amazing indigenous grape blends for whites. The wines are built to age- especially the white wines. Current release for the Musar Red is 1999; and the same for the White!
In this tasting we tasted several older vintages in a seminar format. It was great fun to taste these with the owner who gave us a lovely running commentary.

The vintages and tasting notes for each wine are below:
Musar Red:
2000- Color was pretty, red, and not fading at all. The nose was full of berries and some complex minerality. On the palate, this wine was smooth and plush with ample tannins and bright acidity.
1995- This wine was much darker red, with just a hint of brown at the edges. The nose was full of toast and oak with vanilla. The taste was more intense and tannic, with much more wood in the mouth.
1981- Brown in color this wine was fresh at first, but  oxidized quite fast- it was faulted for this by several of the tasters, and by Serge as well. He said "I like when I wine has problems, it is good to talk about it, and most winemakers won't dare to! I find this still pleasurable, and it still has something to say"
1972- Brick red in color this wine carried a lovely orange edge to it. Scents of berries and nuts with good mineral and complexity . .  and real smoothness to the taste, with a few minutes of waiting.
1966- The final red of the tasting, I wanted to share with you Serge's comment about this "A good wine has something to say, a great wine will give you a few minutes of conversation, a truly great wine will speak for hours!" This was amazing- oak, smooth, fruit, mineral, and all of this was despite a slight corky-ness!

Now on to the whites!!
The grapes are unique to the Bekka valley, and Mountain Lebanon. Obeideh and Merwah are the names and are very very special. I'd just like to highlight the 1959 white which was still very fresh, alive, and had amazing complexity- a sublime experiance tasting these with the owner of the estate and several famous wine profesionals from New York.



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