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Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Hi all,

I was privileged to attend a lovely dinner this week at one of our clients homes. The theme of this dinner was 50/50. All the red wines were from great vintages around 50 years old!! The amazing thing about this was that all the bottles were from "lesser" estates and still showed amazingly well. It astounds me when wine that old shows beautifully, proving that vintage trumps many other concerns (At least in the case of these wines!)

The wines we tasted were (in order):
  • NV Col Vetoraz Valdobbiadene Brut
This did not fit the theme (fifty years old), Not French either. Was fun, easy bubbly with a nice fine mouth feel. Very refreshing with light current and berries as well as toast flavors.
  • 1959 Chateau Guillot, Pomerol
This was nice, despite a sad looking label. Nice nose of black and red fruits. Good color and really quite pleasing to look at, smell and drink!
  • 1959 Chateau Cantemerle, Macau Bordeaux (Fifth Growth)
A little closed on the nose, but really together with great structure and still a hint of tannin as well as a nice flavor- good but not astounding.
  • 1959 Chateau Rauzan-Gassies - Margaux (Second Growth)
First, a disclaimer, I am a great fan of this, and have had two bottles of 61 (one in a magnum) and now a bottle of 59! This was balanced, intense, with great red fruit and earth. Lasting a good long time in the mouth this had the strongest finish of the flight. Nice wine. My favorite of the night!
  • 1961 Chateau Lascombes - Margaux (Second Growth)
Lascombes was served as a desert wine- very interesting choice!! It showed up porty and with lots of chocolate and blackberry notes and some hints of smoke and nutmeg. At first I Thought it was rather much sweeter, after a few cheeses it was quite dryer . . an amazing change!
  • 2001 La Chapelle de Lafaurie-Peyraguey - Baummes, Sauternes
A great young Sauternes- a slight twinge toward too sweet . .  pretty good stuff. I really enjoyed this, but it was a little overripe and it lacked the complexity of many of the older Sauternes I have tasted . . a lovely case for the 2001 vintage.



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