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Saturday, August 1, 2009

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Hi all,

So I feel a little bit like I stored all of my blog writing up until today! Still, two posts in one day is a good bit of writing for me. This post is about a new wine we just got in last week that is amazing.The bottle is the Maxime Magnon La Demarrante. It is a Vin de Pays de la Valee du Paradis and is made by Maxime in Corbieres.

Maxime arrived in the Languedoc region of France about 7 or so years ago with no money. He rents his Vines, he rented a shed to make the wine in at first, but now is renting from a winery near his home. Maxime spent time working in Morgon (in beautiful Beaujolais) with Foillard. Made from organically cultivated Carignan and Cinsault grapes, this is one of my new favorites! Bursting with the smells of flowers, raspberry and soil, the flavor is very nice, and once in the mouth its dry easy structure is fun to taste. The finish does go on a bit- just as wine drinkers like! This is wine for people who know wine and need a reminder why we love it so. A great bottle to drink now. Enjoy.


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