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Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Hi all,
So, to continue the post that I started this morning I would like to talk about the great wines of Lopez de Heredia from the city of Haro in Rioja, Spain. These are beautiful old school wines made in the most traditional of ways; with no chemicals in the vinyards, and an extremely natural process in the winery. This estate is "a world treasure" (The battle for wine and love; Alice Feiring, 2009- here is a link to her blog); and one of my favorite wine producers in the world. They make a beautiful wines out of the regular grapes from the region, both red and white. in the red wines they are making three cuvee's- here are my tasting notes:
Vina Cubilo 2002-
Color: light red with hints of brick
Nose: nice floral minerality, great notes of bright red berries and a serious dose of earthyness.
Palate: Subtle, beautiful, good flavor, hint of fruit, a nice smooth texture and a finish that reminded me of cloves if they didn't hurt to eat! All in all a great wine, and can be drunk with chicken, fish, salads, and just about anything. The lightest red in the line.

Vina Bosconia 2001-
Color: Dark red with clear hints of brick
Nose: Intense stone, Dark berries and some gamey notes
Palate: great flavor, intense and meaty but not at all heavy with notes of rasberries and coco. An astounding wine with great structure and dusty tannin with a nice long finish of black pepper.

Now on to the whites. First up is a discription of the style of these amazing wines- they are somewhat unique, often evoking notes that would generally associate with more expensive sherry wines and dessert wines. Dispite that the wines are completely dry and very satisfying. All in all these two whites are among my favorite wines every vintage. Fun amazing wines to try- just don't drink up my supply!

Vina Gravonia Blanco-
C: medium caramel, a bit more yellow.
N: toffey, crisp apple, burnt orange- astounding!
M: dry, and refreshing- pretty and very clean- but a hint oxidized. This wine is delicious!

well, that's it for now! Check us out again tommorow when I blog about our new 6 pack of Bordeaux wines!
As always, thanks for reading!
Friday 8/14/2009
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