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Friday, August 14, 2009

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Emanuel Moosbrugger the gracious and very knowledgeable sommelier at Cafe Boulud on East 76 St. recommended a few super bottles two nights ago.

First was Terres Doreés FRV100, a delightful sparkling "Beaujolais rose", I thought it looked more red than rose, with a tad of residual sugar. Light refreshing non aggresive moderatley small bubble, fruit and more fruit.  It tasted a bit like our Vin du Bugey-Cérdon , by Elie & Alain Renardat-Fache, also a delicious sparkler but definitely rose in color.  We went through the FRV100 lickety-split.

Then the serious wine came a bottle of Alain Voge Cornas Vieille Vigne 1991.  It was fully mature, medium bodied with very nice fruit and just a hint of whole peppercorns. 

Lastly we had a Chaume des Coteaux de Layon, Chateau Soucherie 2003 that was just lusciously sweet (but not weighty like Sauternes) with a bit of Botrytis "Noble Rot" made from chenin blanc, a really neat wine.

Emanuel swirling 3
glasses at once

Cornas Alain Voge
1990 (off bottle)
2 glasses and our
1991 (Wonderful)
August 14, 2009
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