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Saturday, August 1, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

This something that is going on here at 67 Wine over the summer. We worked hard on getting in some new wines (as always) and I have been focusing on adding to and organizing our "reserve" collection. We have a temperature control room on the second floor available to us again and I think it is really starting to get together! Below are some photos of this part of the store taken in the past week or so.

The door! Very shiny!

Door open- Shots of the bottles that are
very large. Notice the Petrus 3 Liter!

The view inside the door- shelves of wine!!
Lots and lots of wine!

The wall- singles, doubles and a few odd
bottles (items we have one or two of!).

The view from the back of the room looking
to the big bottles near the door.

Finally, A shot of the famous
DRC La Tache in the original wood case!

Hope all our readers enjoyed this little tour of our climate room; perhaps some of you saw wines that you thought would be delicious to taste! All of the wines in this are for sale at the store. Check these out next time you are looking for a special amazing treat.



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